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The company strives to become a regional partner for brands and clients in delivering reliable and commercially viable projects in the Middle East. Due to the homogenous nature of the specification standards and methodology, Green River General Trading LLC is capable of assisting in various markets and countries in the GCC region like Qatar, KSA, Oman & Kuwait. In each of these territories the company has established key partnerships to extend the same value across boundaries, both in product and service.

Being progressive, Green River General Trading LLC represents brands with consistent work ethic and reliable product quality, ensuring that latest technologies and standards are represented in the market. The practices of the company are constantly audited to make sure that sustainability is not just a one-time event, not only for the team and brands they represent but also to the client as a hallmark of dealing with the company.

Green River General Trading LLC strongly believes in adapting to new technologies and marketing tools. This is proven in the company website which aims to evolve on a market front that is new to the industry. Each feature and section trying to cater to a wider audience rather than just specific clients and enquiries. In particular is the 'Tabadul' program, allowing registered industry members to exchange information, find specialised skills, locate authorised distributors, understand competitive pricing strategies or even find buyers for surplus goods from completed projects, throughout the region. Shrinking boundaries and expanding potential for all. Truly being progressive and sustainable through collaboration.


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"Creating new paradigms for progressive innovation and sustainable growth."


"To achieve critical leadership in the construction industry of the region within 5 years, to build a creative and desirable platform both offline and online for all stakeholders, keeping in focus the regional values."

Value System

"To support our clients consistently with good quality ensuring value for all parties involved understanding the significant role of customised attention to each project including dependable post sale support."